Sally's 13 Nightmares Before Christmas


"Sally's 13 Nightmares before Christmas" card deck & Detailed Interpretation Booklet by Kisma Reidling.


Based on The Twelve Days of Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas characters by Tim Burton and illustrations from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Holiday Attraction. Not licensed by Disney.

As the legend goes... Halloween had passed and Jack the Skeleton King had a brilliant idea! "This year, the inhabitants of Halloween Town will Do Christmas," he exclaimed, and he, himself, would be Santy Claws.

I created this fun and vibrantly shaded card deck in rich colors. Each card is hand-painted using acrylic paints.

My Sally's 13 Nightmares before Christmas Cards have been a labor of love and inspiration from the sources listed above, and though they might be considered a novelty gift and collector's items by many, I would like to express that the deck took on a life all it's own, and by the end of painting them, wouldn't you know it, but Sally whispered to me that her nightmares CAN be used as omens in your own life. She proceeded to tell me exactly how, which I share with you in the 8 page booklet that contains interpretations for each card, as well as her suggested layout. Oh, also, the booklet contains the 13 Nightmares Before Christmas lyrics that can obviously be sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas! What joy!

Suggested Uses:
- Use Sally's suggested layout! It's quite simple.
- Use the instructions to do readings for yourself and others using your own layout.
- Reveal the important characters, conflicts and resolutions on your unique life situations.

Deck Includes:
* Beautiful custom-designed box to store your cards
* 15 total cards
* 13 nightmare cards + a special Jack the Skeleton King card + 1 surprise card
* Instructions
* 8-page booklet with interpretations for each card
* Shrink wrapped for protection
* Cards measure 4.75 x 2.75 inches
* Each deck arrives wrapped with a hand-painted gift card and ribbon.
* A card of one of my original canvas art specifically for you containing a 1-card reading as a thank you for purchasing my deck.


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